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Monikko Ry

Monikko ry (2008-) is a multiculturalism and well-being promoting association operating in the Central Finland region. The association aims to increase interaction between immigrants from different cultural backgrounds and the native population through joint activities. Monikko organizes events for people of all ages.


Monikko ry administers the Paloma program (2013-), which supports the well-being of immigrants and native population over 55 years of age, increases their social participation, and prevents marginalization. The operational model consists of clubs organized in the residential areas of Jyväskylä and other municipalities in Central Finland. Participants learn Finnish language, use of smart devices, run online errands, and maintain well-being through physical and artistic activities. Paloma also organizes informational events and service guidance, sports and culture days, and visits ranging from natural sites to cities in Finland. Participation in the activities is free, and Paloma’s funding comes from the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations.


Become a member by paying an annual fee of €20 and filling in the contact form on the link below. Payment details: Monikko ry, FI94 1045 3000 184274, add your first name and surname in the message field.

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